January 22, 2011

Prague: Strahov Monastery and an evening in the Old Town

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My brother had mentioned Strahov Monastery (Strahovský klášter) to me, from a previous visit he’d made. He had visited their famous library, and knowing how much I love libraries, suggested that I might like to visit. Of course I would!! We headed up to Strahov for a look at the monastery and library. The complex is on the same side of the river as Prague Castle. You catch the same tram that you can catch to the castle – number 22, but you get off a few stops later – at Pohořelec. From there it’s just a short walk up the hill and through the gates of the monastery complex.

When we got there we found the the library was under renovation, so we didn’t get to see it in its full glory. We did however still get to look into all the rooms and got a glimpse of what it must be like. It’s on my list for my next visit 🙂 The monastery also houses its own brewery – so again, sigh, we had to stop and sample. We had some yummy sweet afternoon pastries with our beer (the beer has to wash something down, doesn’t it?), before we headed back down the hill to Malá Strana. We decided to walk back, rather than take the tram and were happy with that choice – it’s a really nice walk downhill with lots of good photo opportunities of the view back over Prague.

Prague - Looking from Strahov Monastery back to Prague

Prague - Looking from Strahov Monastery back to Prague

As we came down through the town, we came across an Absinthe cafe – which sells, you guessed it! None of us are huge fans of the drink, but it seems to be rather the speciality from the Czech Republic and an interesting theme for a cafe, so we ducked in for a quick look and were quite impressed with their variety of not only Absinthes but other alcoholic beverages. However, we refrained from taking refreshment, and pushed on.

That evening we decided to go for a walk after dinner through the Old Town. It’s a lovely place to walk of an evening, you just need to make sure you stay aware of who is around you and how close they’re standing… The markets in the Old Town Square continued into the evening so there were lots of people around. The Astronomical Clock also goes off on the hour and it’s worth a watch (I especially like the little skeleton who rings his bell). We found a nice cafe to park for a while, and I found that they sold a glühwein-sibling – some sort of warm mulled wine. Just the thing for an evening of people watching!

Prague - Old Town Square at night

Prague - Old Town Square at night


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